Le Tiro Cine


Campaign Trail

Nicolás Grosso

Agustin returns to his hometown after six years as he is accused of his parent’s murder. As he waits for his lawyer he reencounters his old neighbors and friends, who are now in a rather suspicious mood. He is clearly alone, becoming affected and slightly paranoid when some violent events occur around him again. However he meets an enigmatic girl whose unpredictable behavior shows him another way of solitude.



2014, 88 min, DCP - 2K, Color


Direction - Nicolás Grosso

Screenplay - Nicolás Grosso

Production - Le Tiro

Producers - Federico Sande Novo, Nicolás Grosso

Cast - Agustín Rittano, Valeria Blanc, Alexis Cesán, Juan Barberini, Paula Ituriza, María Abadi

Cinematographer - Federico Sande Novo

Editor - Manuel Ferrari

Sound Designer - Guido Deniro, Lucas Page

With the Support of - BR Lab, Buenos Aires Lab, Cinéma en Développement Toulouse

Festivals and awards

Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina, 2014)

Official Competition