Le Tiro Cine


The Split

Mena Duarte

Gastón and Mercedes are a recently separated couple that attend to psychiatrist Ripoll's homage fancy party. He is a bond between them since he is Gastón's mentor and Mercedes' former doctor. During the party they are not willing to become what they are expected to as a couple and run away. Once on the road Gastón has a confession to make: he killed Ripoll.



2013, 15 min, DCP - 4K, Color


Direction & Screenplay - Mena Duarte

Production - Le Tiro

Producers - Federico Sande Novo, Nicolás Grosso

Cast - Santiago Gobernori, Julia Martínez Rubio

Cinematographer - Federico Sande Novo

Production Designer - Alice Vázquez

Sound Designer - Manuel de Andrés

With the Support of - INCAA

festivals and awards

Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina, 2013)

CinéLatino Toulouse (France, 2014)

Best Short-Film