Le Tiro Cine


Welcome, Violeta!

Fernando Fraiha

Eager to write her next novel "Violeta", Ana joins the "End of the World Residency", a well-known literary laboratory in the Andes Mountain Range. There she meets Holden, a charismatic leader and creator of a method in which artists abandon their own lives to live as the characters. Captivated by her artistic investigation, Ana dives deep into the method and starts living as Violeta, until her fictions gets out of control.



2022, 109 min, DCP - 4K, Color

Brazil, Argentina

Direction - Fernando Fraiha

Screenplay - Fernando Fraiha, Inés Bortagaray

Production - Biônica Filmes, RT Features

Co-Production - Le Tiro

Producers - Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha, Karen Castanho, Rodrigo Teixeira

Co-Producers - Nicolás Grosso

Cast - Darío Grandinetti, Débora Falabella, Pablo Sigal, María Ucedo, Germán de Silva

Cinematographer - Gustabo Hadba (ABC)

Sound Designer - Miriam Biderman (ABC), Ricardo Reis (ABC)

Production Designer - Mariela Rípodas

Editors - Sabrina Wilkins (AMC), Fernando Fraiha, Fernando Epstein

Original Soundtrack - O Grivo

Casting - María Laura Berch

With the Support of - ANCINE, BRDE, FSA, Spcine, INCAA

LatAm Distribution - Paramount

festivals and awards

Brooklyn Film Festival - Narrative Feature (U.S.A., 2022)

Spirit Award

Austin Film Festival - Narrative Feature (U.S.A., 2022)

Best Film

Festival do Rio - Fiction Competition (Brazil, 2022)

Best Actor

Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil, 2022)