Le Tiro Cine


Without Leon

Mercedes Laborde

Flavia, a young woman, needs to forget her dead husband Leon. During her search for a new life, eleven-year-old Lucía appears. A child who wants to remember her father.



2018, 84 min, DCP - 2K, Color


Direction & Screenplay - Mercedes Laborde

Production - Le Tiro

Producers - Nicolás Grosso, Federico Sande Novo, Mercedes Laborde

Cast - Lorena Vega, Malena Moirón, Julieta Vallina, Darío Guersenzvaig

Cinematographer - Carla Stella

Editor - Lorena Moriconi

Sound Designers - Guillermo Picco, Pablo Gamberg

With the Support of - INCAA

festivals and awards

40º Moscow International Film Festival (Russia, 2018)

Official Competition

Dominican Global Film Festival (Dominican Republic, 2018)

Official Competition

San Francisco Latino Film Festival (U.S.A., 2018)